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Re: X server setup

On Thursday 30 May 2002 10:52 pm, Slootbeek, Jule S wrote:
>  I just looked into that XF86Config file, but to me everything looked fine,
> since the log file doesn't realy give me any specifics i have no idea what
> to look for...
> I'll look again and look around..
> thanks
> Jule

the app xf86config produces /etc/XF86Config. they are two different things. 
as i said, run xf86config. it will tell you what it needs. 

$ man xf86config
xf86config(1)                                                   xf86config(1)

       xf86config - generate an XF86Config file


       xf86config is an interactive program for generating an XF86Config file
       for use with XFree86 X servers.


ps. you don't need to cc to me. i read the list.

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