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Re: MaxClient in apache

* Patrick Hsieh (pahud@pahud.net) [020530 00:20]:
> Hello,
> I'd like to raise the MaxClient to 1500 in apache.
> Basically, I have to get apache source and modify the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT
> value in httpd.h and rebuild the .deb package. However, if I use apt-get
> upgrade to upgrade my system packages, I have to rebuild the apache
> package again.
> Is there any way to avoid this or make things easier?

Yes. You can place the apache package on hold once its installed, or you
can give it a version number with an epoch so that it will always be
higher than whatever is the regular debian package. I'm not sure of all
of the details, but it should be documented in the version number
section of the policy manual.

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