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Re: ntpd not doing anything

hi ya alex

given your ntp config file,  must be allowing/broadcasting ntp packets
	otherwise... your laptop wont sync

your laptop wont sync with any ntp server if its more
than a couple minutes off... forgot exact number of seconds

you should always run ntpdate before kicking ntp ( getting it going )

to see if you can get pass any firewalls...

	ntptrace -v ntp.apple.com   
		( for example - pick a public ntp server close to you )

		- you should see it syncing...

c ya
	- ntp server and client and howto ...

On Wed, 29 May 2002, Alex Malinovich wrote:

> Unless I'm missing something obvious, I don't think that ntpd is really
> doing anything on my laptop. It runs just fine, I can use ntpdc to get all
> sorts of nice statistics, and it recognizes the ntp server on my LAN with
> no problem. However, it refuses to actually update my system clock. I've
> cut out all of the fluff in my config file so that it now contains only
> the following:
> ---------------------------
> logfile /var/log/ntpd
> driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift
> statsdir /var/log/ntpstats
> enable ntp
> disable auth
> server
> ---------------------------
> I've tried setting the system clock to be anywhere from 2 minutes to a day
> and a half off from the actual time being reported by the ntp server, yet
> nothing happens. Interestingly, ntpdate works just fine. Any suggestions?

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