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Re: Grub and /dev/hdg: Need help please

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 02:18:19AM -0400, Jeremy wrote:
> I'm new to using grub for booting my OS's.  I recently bought a new HD, and 
> I've dedicated that one to Linux and left Windows 2000 on the old one.  The 
> new HD is /dev/hda.  I have a Zip100 on hdb, my dvd-rom on hdc, and my cd 
> burner on hdd.  I have a ATA card installed that the old HD is attached to 
> (along with a couple of other HDs that aren't booted, but just used for 
> storage), and it winds up being /dev/hdg, with Windows on hdg1.   

AFAIK Windows won't boot at all unless it is on /dev/hda. 

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