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Re: Grub and /dev/hdg: Need help please

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Jeremy wrote:

> I'm new to using grub for booting my OS's.  I recently bought a new HD, and 
> I've dedicated that one to Linux and left Windows 2000 on the old one.  The 
> new HD is /dev/hda.  I have a Zip100 on hdb, my dvd-rom on hdc, and my cd 
> burner on hdd.  I have a ATA card installed that the old HD is attached to 
> (along with a couple of other HDs that aren't booted, but just used for 
> storage), and it winds up being /dev/hdg, with Windows on hdg1.  I've 
> edited my /boot/grub/device.map file so that it looks like this:
> (fd0)   /dev/fd0
> (hd0)   /dev/hda
> (hd1)   /dev/hdg
> I thought that perhaps this would map correctly to the drive I want to boot.  
> Then my menu.lst file has this entry for Windows 2000
> title Windows 2000
>         rootnoverify (hd1,1)
>         chainloader +1

	If Windows 2000 is on /dev/hdg1, then you'd want something like
(hd1,0).  I'd try that.  Or you could even try booting off (hd1) since
the Microsoft MBR should still be kicking around on that drive.

	Windows may freak out that it doesn't have a page file or other
nastiness like that if it was expecting to be in (hd0).  Good luck.


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