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Re: Galeon spinner/toolbar broken?

In your message of: 22 May 2002 17:37:17 EDT, you write:
>Hello. I seem to have broken galeon's tool bar/spinner. I believe it was
>due to the gdk_imlib packages installed when I tried out kde3 (see

Yes, the same thing happened to me.  It took me a while to even notice
it, so I just kept using galeon without the spinner.  I did as you
did, and removed kde3, and reinstalled imlib and other things that had
come with kde3, but none of that worked.

The next day mozilla 1+rc2-3 came into sid, and after installing that
my spinner came back.  I am not entirely sure what exactly fixed the
problem, but you might trying reinstalling or upgrading mozilla and
its dependencies.

What really bothers me though, is that I can't get anti-aliased fonts
to work in galeon on my laptop, where they actually are useful.  On my
laptop, anti-aliased fonts work fine with mozilla, and on my desktop
anti-aliased fonts work fine with galeon (and mozilla).  I followed
the directions for setting anti-aliasing in galeon and mozilla, but it
doesn't work.  I copied over the configuration stuff from my desktop
to my laptop, but they still don't work.

I know they are still pretty much an unsupported bonus feature, but it
does disturb me that it works on one machine but not the other, when
they are both pretty similar Debian Sid machines.

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