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Re: New Debian user - a bunch of problems

Brian <stop_spam@shaw.ca> writes:
> >
> >  2). The mouse is going nuts.  When I move it around it does all
> > kinds of weird things, including acting like I've pressed one of the
> > 3 buttons when I haven't, or sen't kill commands to fvwm, etc.  I
> > have a Logitech M-C48 wheel mouse.  If any of you have the console
> > and X settings for it, I'd appreciate it.
> >
> I had a similar problem.  Do you have gpm running?  ( I assume you
> know Ctrl-Alt-Fi takes you to the ith console to get a shell when X
> isn't working.  X is F7.)  Kill gpm if it is running and hopefully
> your mouse will start working.  Brian

And then, if you're not going to do much work on the console, i.e.,
outside of X, do:

        apt-get --purge remove gpm

gpm is a package to allow you to use the mouse on the console. If you
think you'll be using console mode equally as much as X you'll have to
look at getting X to play nice with gpm. Something about using
/dev/gpmdata as the mouse device in X, but that's just off the top of
my head so look up the relevant info.


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