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Re: exim configuration

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 06:03:16AM -0400, Tom Allison wrote:
| | $ host -t mx tacocat.net
| | 
| | This is a problem.  You have no A *and* no MX records for your domain.
| | RoadRunner's smtp servers are rejecting any mails whose return address
| | has a domain that can't be contacted.  If their server did accept the
| | mail, and then had to bounce it for some reason (eg the recipient is
| | over their quota), they would be stuck with an undeliverable bounce
| | message.

| hmmm...  Good point.
| I wonder then, how I'm supposed to create an MX / A record in dyndns.org.
| They provide a form for it, and if I do
| dig @ns1.mydyndns.org -MX tacocat.net
| it comes up OK as janus.tacocat.net
| but you say it doesn't.  I wonder what the problem is.

Timing maybe?  Now I see the MX :

$ host -t mx tacocat.net
tacocat.net mail is handled by 10 janus.tacocat.net.

Are you still getting that error now?


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