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Re: exim configuration

hmmm...  Good point.
I wonder then, how I'm supposed to create an MX / A record in dyndns.org.
They provide a form for it, and if I do
dig @ns1.mydyndns.org -MX tacocat.net
it comes up OK as janus.tacocat.net
but you say it doesn't.  I wonder what the problem is.

$ host -t mx tacocat.net

This is a problem.  You have no A *and* no MX records for your domain.
RoadRunner's smtp servers are rejecting any mails whose return address
has a domain that can't be contacted.  If their server did accept the
mail, and then had to bounce it for some reason (eg the recipient is
over their quota), they would be stuck with an undeliverable bounce

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