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Re: Recommended tape backup software

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 03:52:54PM -0500, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> Doesn't Amanda require a "backup" partition?

Amanda likes to have holding disks to work from, but I don't think
you're absolutely required to have one.

> Doesn't the partition also
> need to be the size of your largest backup target?

Definitely not.  Been there, done that - I inherited an amanda server
that was backing up ~15G/day with a 7G holding disk and the largest
backup target was 9G.  (I added a 30G drive just for holding space
shortly after discovering this...)  It stops bothering the backup
clients a lot quicker if the entire run fits into the holding disk
(since write-to-disk is faster than write-to-tape), but it's also
capable of backing up directly to tape.

What you're probably thinking of is amanda's inability to allow a
single target to span multiple tapes.  If a target is larger than
your tapes (after compression), amanda isn't currently able to back
it up.  That's one of the things currently being worked on and I
think a patch may already exist, but it's not considered release-
quality yet.

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