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Re: debconf config

Dave L. wrote:
> while installing debconf_1.1.2_all.deb on Potato 2.2r6 (in order to install
> xfree 4.1.0), during configure stage...
> 'no type given for question at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Question.pm line
> 15.'
> i even tried to comment out the check ('die') to no avail :)

I'm not sure why you were using a debconf from experimental, though that
is a somewhat moot point since the 1.1 tree is in unstable now. Can you
still reproduce this problem? If so, what I need you to do is edit that
line 15 and make it look like this:

use Carp; my $type=shift || Carp::croak("no type given for question");

The resulting backtrace may be enough to let me track it down.

see shy jo

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