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Debian and old EGCS compilers

I wrote instructions on how to install and build egcs-1.1.2 on Debian potato
systems as part of instructions to compile and install A+
(http://aplusdev.org/Install/debian.html).  Basically, it says to build and
install egcs in /usr/local/egcs/, then set your PATH to point at it while
building A+.  You should be able to do the same.

My instructions were for building egcs using gcc 2.95.2, but I don't see why
2.95.4 wouldn't work.

If you only need egcs-1.1.2 to build one other piece of software, I don't
think you want to replace 2.95.4.  The result of my procedure will not replace
2.95.4, and it will not conflict with it.

On May 14, John Richardson (richards@spawar.navy.mil) wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I have  a Debian system with gcc 2.95.4. However, I need egcs-2.91.66 (egcs
 > 1.1.2 release).
 > I have downloaded egcs-2.91.66 and have attempted to compile the source.
 > "Make all" gives me large numbers of errors related to objects that are
 > part of various libraries.
 > I have a software distribution that is supported on Red Hat Linux 6.1. The
 > goal would be to Make the distribution which requires egcs-2.91.66.
 > I have received several comments on the problem. Most of the comments
 > recommend that I load Red Hat Linux 6.1, since this is the supported
 > platform and the distribution is very complex with huge configure scripts.
 > I am not a "make" or "configure" guru.....
 > The sysadmin really likes debian. So, I have the following questions.
 > 1) Is there an egcs-2.91.66 binary for Debian?
 > 2) Are there any obvious issues with replacing gcc 2.95.4 with
 > egcs-2.91.66? I suppose another translation of this question is: Can gcc
 > 2.95.4 coexists with egcs-2..91.66 and how do you configure them to coexist?
 > 3) Any comments on the failed make of egcs-2.91.66?
 > John F. Richardson
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Neil L. Roeth

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