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Re: Woody Release questions...

* Craig Dickson (crdic@pacbell.net) [020514 14:10]:
> To the point, however, I would think the simplest way to stick with
> Woody as it moves from testing to stable would be for your apt.sources
> to reference it as "woody" rather than as "testing". This way, you
> always run the latest woody packages, and whether woody is "testing" or
> "stable" is irrelevant. Or am I missing some crucial aspect of this
> question that makes the answer more complex than that?

In my tests (and Osamu backed this up with a transcript of his testing
session) the apt pins can only refer to 'stable' 'testing' 'unstable',
not 'potato' 'woody' 'sid'. Part of the problem was that people who want
to stick with woody after the release is that they can't say 'woody' in
their /etc/apt/preferences . My suggestion should work around that.
Also, I do recommend using 'woody' in /etc/apt/sources.list and removing
lines for stable/potato.

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