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Re: home "network"

Shawn Lamson wrote:
> Hi -
> I have two Debian machines linked on ethernet "straight thru" cable.
> The host machine is up 24/7 and has a aDSL connection on eth0 w/
> 192.x.x.x
> and eth1 is 10.x.x.x and the client machine is turned on once every
> couple days for people to access the internet when they want, it is
> also on 10.x.x.x ... now the problem.
> Frequently when the client fires up it is not able to connect to the
> host.
> Issuing ifconfig eth1 down and then ifconfig eth1 up on the host seems
> to
> resolve the problem.  However I am not usually around when people want
> to get online and i dont want them fiddling with the host - that is the
> whole idea of having the client.
> Anyone know what causes this and a remedy?
> =====
> Shawn Lamson
> Debian/GNU Linux Woody
> Kernel 2.2.19pre17
> XFree86 Version / X Window System
> Jesus Loves You!


good luck



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