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Re: [suporte] Re: (OT) POP Outlook Folders to Imap Linux

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 06:30:38PM +0000, Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
| Hi,
| Outlook (Outoflook) allow me only to move messages (not folders) to
| an imap folder.  So if I have 20 folders I have to create them
| manually as imap folders and get folder by folder and move messages

Yes, but that's better than nothing :-).

| Outlook saves mail in a *strange* mbx format. :(

mbx?  For real?  Not some weird undocumented thing?

    mbx This is the current preferred mailbox format.  It can be
        handled quite efficiently by c-client, without the problems
        that exist with unix and mmdf formats.  Messages are stored in
        Internet standard CR LF format.
        mbx permits shared access, including shared expunge.  It
        preserves UIDs, and allows the creation of keywords.

According to this you can install uw-imap and simply copy the mbx
files and it'll work.  Not only that, but c-client is a free (C)
library for handling mail messages.  Mahogany (a GTK+ based MUA) uses
it, and thus ought to be able to handle mbx as well.

A google search also found a spec for mbx which I've tossed up at

Worst-case scenario (if the files really are mbx and can be found
on-disk) you write some C code to read the mbx and spit it back out in
maildir (or whatever) :-).



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