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Re: Dial Up Machine Configuration

Dave Whiteley writes:
> Consider for example a time server. I would like to have it running to
> provide time synchronisation for all my machines, so I would like it to
> start at boot. However, I do not want it to dial up regularly, which
> would suggest that I should start it up at dial up.

Use chrony for your timeserver.  The default configuration will do exactly
what you want.  The server will start at boot and run all the time but will
only attempt to connect to a server out on the Net when the ppp link is
already up for some other reason.

> It should be possible to bring up services at boot, so that they only
> service the local domain.  Then, on sucessful dialup, to restart them in
> a mode that will make use of the link.

It is.  What servers do you have in mind that don't already provide for
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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