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Mailing List and Newsgruops

In article <[🔎] 20020505171605.GA25747@arborlon.riva.ucam.org>, Colin Watson wrote:
> On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 11:38:36AM -0500, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> Colin Watson wrote:
>> > On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 11:13:51AM -0500, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> >> This sounds like the exact same mechanism used by moderated
>> >> newsgroups, but postings to muc.l.d.u don't seem to get mailed
>> >> to the list.  Why not set up muc.l.d.u as a moderated group
>> >> with postings going to the mailing list?
>> > 
>> > Bidirectional mail<->news gatewaying is very delicate - get it wrong and
>> > you'll have mail loops from hell. It's often simpler just to avoid the
>> > issue.
>> Right. That's why I'm not suggesting a bi-directional gateway
>> (not in the traditional sense of the word).
>> I'm suggesting a moderated group where postings that would
>> normally go to the "moderator" directly to the mailing list.
>> The gateway is still unidirectional: mail->news.
> Yup, that's how everybody else does bidirectional gateways too. 

Really?  The other group I read that has an e-mail gateway
doesn't seem to be set up that way.  I (and anybody else) can
post directly to the group.  There are no "Approved:" headers.
AFAICT, it is not a moderated group.  However they set up the
news<->email gateway, it does not look like it uses the
mechanism I described.

> It's bidirectional because the other half of the gateway is
> the system that mails posts to the moderation address.
> It's fine if you get it right and it's well-maintained - just pointing
> out that the standard loop problem is probably why the newsadmin
> responsible for the gateway hasn't set it up.

Grant Edwards


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