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Re: gdm login problem

* Dale Hair (dale@meridian-electric.com) [020502 15:02]:
> I have a system with two users, one can't login with gdm but can from
> the console.  The other user and root can login ok.  Any ideas?

What happens? Does it just say something to the effect of "login denied"
or does it start to go and then return to the gdm greeter screen after a
few seconds? If gdm is stopped, can the user run startx after logging in
from the console?

If it's gdm denying the login, check gdm's config file for options that
may exclude certain users or allow only certain users. I haven't used
gdm in a long while and can't give the exact config directives you're
looking for.

In all other cases, look at the user's ~/.xsession-errors file. Is the
user specifying something in ~/.Xsession that isn't working correctly?
Is that file in any way different from the "successful user"'s file? You
might also want to have a look at /var/log/XFree86.log and
/var/log/auth.log to look for error messages relating to your failed

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