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Re: Anyone using ulogd?

* Gary Hennigan (glhenni@sandia.gov) [020501 14:35]:
> I've tried everything! The console messages I could live with, but
> losing the important stuff in dmesg output was the killer. So much
> stuff from iptables that the important stuff in dmesg output was
> pushed off the top. Unfortunately *nothing* I tried would get rid of

Do you not have a /var/log/dmesg ? It should be created in
/etc/init.d/bootmisc with all the info in the ring at that point (which
is just the boot messages). It's not a solution, but maybe it's a
workaround for you. If you're looking specifically for messages since
boot, this won't help you at all. It's a matter of what "the important
stuff" you refer to is.

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