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Re: Wal-Mart PCs revisited

I suspect that anyone manufacturing motherboards is hesitant to mention
Linux for fear that they would no longer get driver interface requirements
from Micros~1.


David Smead

On Wed, 1 May 2002, alex wrote:

> I've received a dozen or so off list replies to my original posting of
> "Linux on WalMart's Systemless Computers"
> back on May 12 from some daring souls who took a chance on these
> computers.  In most cases, their experiences
> running Linux are similar to the one described in
> http://newsforge.com/newsforge/02/04/29/0218241.shtml?tid=7.
> (sent by Shawn as an attachment) which anyone who is interested in these
> computers should read.i
> Most of the difficulties were with the winmodem.  Some could not get the
> video or the sound to work. properly
> while others did.. Some didn't even try to get the modem to work because
> they were on cable where the computer
> worked fine.  In general, they seemed to be surprised and pleased with
> the computer except for the modem.  Many
> were concerned that the hard drive wasn't one of the better known brands
> and it was slow.
> I've sent inquiries to Microtel about running Linux on these computers
> but as yet haven't received a what
> I consider a definitive answer, in fact, lately, no answer at all.
> Perhaps, if more inquiries were sent to them
> asking about running Linux, they might post something about it on their
> web page.
> alex.
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