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Re: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock...

qrchaque@master.pl (Marcin Fusinski) wrote:


I forgot to add that CDRW burns just fine (readable) CDs - the only
porblem is with mounting...

If anyone knows what causes those probs, please let me know. Thanks.



I have a couple of friends that had similar problems & complaints. In one case the "sr" block device was not being loaded, and in the second case the "scd0" was not sym-linked to the "sr0" device. In both cases they got the same sort of message as you are getting.

I would check to see if the "sr" block device is listed in "cat /proc/devices". I would assume from your messages that it is there. I would also check your /dev/ scd0 and see what it is symlinked to. It should be to /dev/sr0.

Alternatively, if your kernel was compiled to have the "sr" device loaded as a module (sr_mod.o), you can alias it in your /etc/modules.conf file so that the block device driver module gets loaded each time scd0 is called. I think "alias scd0 sr-mod" will do it for scd0. Same thing for scd1...

Finally, check what devices your /dev/cdrom and /dev/cdrw are symlinked to. They should be symlinked to /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1 in your /dev directory.

Cheers & Good Luck!

-Don Spoon-

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