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Re: netscape3 installation

On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 02:17:04PM +0200, Johan van der Walt wrote:
> I installed Debian 2.2r6 earlier this week. Also wanted to install
> netscape but got the error message given below. Can anyone please
> help.  Is netscape 4 not available?

The netscape package contains netscape 4.  You installed netscape3,
which (naturally) installs netscape 3.  The error message you saw was
due to the fact the the netscape3 package doesn't actually include
netscape 3 in it (since Netscapes licensen wouldn't allow that) but
merely handles the installation of it once you've downloaded it from 
Netscape's FTP server.  This (IIRC) is not the case with the 'netscape'
package, because netscape loosened up the restrictions a bit for
netscape 4.

Why do you want such a clunky old browser when there are much nicer
onces (like mozilla) available now?


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