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Re: XFree86 Server CPU Leak??

Uninstalling and reinstalling all the xserver-common etc... packages seemed to fix

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> On 24-Apr-2002 Quenten Griffith wrote:
> >
> > Only application that is running for X at the time is KDM I am not even
> > logged into
> > KDE at the time.  So it could be something to do with KDM and Xfree server...
> > when
> > I do a Xfree86 -version I get a little message that says it is a pre-release
> > and is
> > no way supported, but I d/l it from testing... is there a newer one under
> > unstable?
> >
> is KDM trying to run screen savers?

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