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Running into a brick wall with gconfd on NFS

I'm having trouble running gconfd{-1,-2} on a Debian (testing) system with
/home mounted via NFS from a FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE server.  Whenever I try to
start the daemon, I always get:

  Apr 22 10:38:40 pooh gconfd (jennifer-8327): starting (version 1.0.9), pid 8327 user 'jennifer'
  Apr 22 10:38:40 pooh gconfd (jennifer-8327): Failed to get lock for daemon, exiting: Failed to create or open '/home/jennifer/.gconfd/lock/ior'

I can work around the problem by making ~/.gconf and ~/.gconfd symlinks to
local filesystems, but that's not really a viable long-term solution.  The
package maintainer (Takuo KITAME) claims that not having nfs-common must be
the problem, but nfs-common is installed on the failing client machines.

I am having no other NFS-related problems with any other programs or any
error or warning messages in any system log files.  

I've filed two problem reports for this issue (#144074 and #144137) but both
were summarily closed - I was told that this isn't a problem.

I'm at a loss.  I know from Google searches that other users have had
identical problems with gconf, but I have yet to see a resolution.  Any
Kirk Strauser

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