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Re: jigdo question

ok, jigdo just worked for me.

i think the problem was that i had downloaded the .jigdo files the
previous night, then used them the next morning.  the files get
generated nightly, and woody gets updated every day.

i'm guessing that if the .jigdo file doesn't match what's on the woody
mirror, jigdo freaks out.  it starting interpreting md5sums as file

but jeez -- the download was only a few hours for me, as opposed to over
a day for an ISO download.  anyone who downloads the woody ISO rather
than using jigdo is, well, nuts.  this is a *vast* improvement over
cd-image.  i think it still needs a little development, but we have a
good thing going on.  when jigdo becomes stable, it'll be an awesome,
awesome tool.

woo hoo!


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