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Re: XFree86 Server CPU Leak??

Only application that is running for X at the time is KDM I am not even logged into
KDE at the time.  So it could be something to do with KDM and Xfree server... when
I do a Xfree86 -version I get a little message that says it is a pre-release and is
no way supported, but I d/l it from testing... is there a newer one under unstable?

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> On 24-Apr-2002 Quenten Griffith wrote:
> > Hi all I have a Nvidia TNT2 graphic card, and I was using Xfree86 4.1
> > that dexconf configed using the XFree_SVGA server.  I recently d/l the
> > kernel moudles for the NVidia card so I can use GLX, that went fine.
> > Then I configured X using Xfree86 -configure and changed the /etc/X11/X
> > link from the SVGA server to Xfree86 server so that it would work.  I
> > start X and everything is fine, but I did a TOP and XFree86 is taking up
> > 99.7 CPU and my resorces are at 74 percent.  I am running a 1.6 ghz PC
> > with 512gigs of memory and running the 2-4-18 kernel.  Not sure why all
> > of a sudden my CPU goes down the drain.
> >
> it could be a broken X application.  If the server gets flooded by a program it
> will show the behaviour above.  Recently ran into this (with a completely
> different setup admittedly), I stopped the buggy app and all went well.

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