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Re: Search and Rescue: arrow keys bug on debian

Call off the cavalry: the simple solution to this problem seems to be to delete the user-specific configuration (~/.SearchAndRescue/). Hope the other guys who had this problem will find this useful..


On 2002.04.22 22:00 Kacper Wysocki wrote:
Search and Rescue, Version 0.7.20

To whom it may concern:
It seems that the game Search and Rescue by Wolfpack,
has the following debian-specific bug:
compiling the newest version(0.7.20) from source, the arrow and pg-up and pg-down keys do not work, rendering it impossible to take off let alone control the helicopter. One of the developers, Taura Milana, told me that their Red Hat development machine had the game working fine, but that several others had mailed in with same problems on debian systems.

Wolfpack's mailing list administrator, Joel Baker, advised me to file a BTS report.

It might be worth noting that the deb pre-packaged binary version 0.7.15-3, which I have tried out, does not suffer from this problem.

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