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Re: Raid 5 and recoving from a crash

Hi Karsten,

Since you are so far beyound my experience in this, could you point out a few of the good, and not so good, vendors and products for both the Raid and the Drives?

How do you feel about IDE(and which IDE standard? 100?133?some new one I forget the name of:( ?) vs SCSI Raid (and which flavor of SCSI)?

I can afford to be down for a day or two to rebuild an Array. The data is relatively static and read only. Thus I will probably use a couple of CDRW's on cron jobs. Better suggestions are welcome. Will I run into a problem with ~150gig of Raid5 + 4 CDRW's?

Karsten M. Self wrote:
on Mon, Apr 22, 2002, hanasaki (hanasaki@hanaden.com) wrote:

I guess my main two goals are:
	- 100% hardware ide raid

Many solutions available.

	- Ability to go to a new card and not need to do a tape restore

While appreciated there are several options:

  - Some hardware does support array swapping.  I've upgraded between
    major versions of 3Ware, but only after checking with tech support.

  - Backups are not optional.  If you're restructuring your storage,
    best practices requires you have a current, verified, backup image
    on hand.

  - There are several backup alternatives.  Tape is one.  Networked
    archive, or local archive, are others.  In our case, we keep both
    network backups, and aquired a 120 GiB drive for the express
    purposes of (1) providing alternate storage while a RAID array was
    tested and rebuilt, and (2) providing backup from which the array
    could be restored.  Cost of storage was ~350, cheap insurance given
    the value of the data (4x80 GiB array, RAID5, ~50% utilized).

If you're planning on making an array transition without backups, I
strongly discourage this.  There are too many things that can go wrong,
and you have no safety net.


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