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Re: Wireless VPN and Debian

On Sat, 2002-04-20 at 12:00, Charles Baker wrote:
> My main questions is what kind of rules need to be on
> the debianWAPBase and debianLaptop to make all traffic
> flow through vpn? Has anyone else tried this? Got
> suggestions or insight? I've been reading the
> VPN-Masquerade-HOWTO but haven't got it all figured
> out obviously. Will I need dns on the WAPBase to
> server the wireless network? Or will the wireless
> network be able to get dns from the dnscache on the
> lrp box?

Is your wireless network on a different subnet as the wired network?

EG:  Wired, Wireless, ?

If so, you need to make sure the WAPBase is set to forward IP traffic,
and has all the necessary routing rules to connect to the internet
through the lrp box.  The lrp box needs to have some routing rules
forwarding all traffic to your wireless subnet to the WAPbase box.

On the laptop, you should only need to make sure the routes to the
WAPBase are correct, with the default route pointing to WAPBase.

I think this is the answer you wanted, or, I missed the question. :)

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