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dvips printing problem


I'm having trouble getting dvips to print to lp
instead of lpr. 

If I do
# dvips test.dvi

dvips creates test.ps then pipes it automatically to
lpr. At this point printing fails, since I'm using
cups, which prints to lp not lpr.

I can get the file to print by doing
# lp test.ps

but would prefer to have dvips link directly to lp
instead of lpr.

Editing the dvips config.ps seems to offer a solution:


% config.ps -- default definitions for dvips output.
% (If you change or delete `original' on the previous
line, dvips won't
% install its config.ps over this file.)

% Memory available.
m 3500000

% How to print.
% o |lpr

However, uncommenting and setting the last line to 
o |lp
does not solve the problem.

Is there some way of universally linking all requests
for lpr to lp?


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