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Re: where to install openoffice

begin  craigw quotation:
> The /usr/local hierarchy is for use by the system administrator when
> installing software locally
> /opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application software
> packages.
> Hmmm.... I'm not seeing much of a distinction.

As someone else has mentioned, a convention has existed for some time
regarding the difference, and it may simply be that the FHS people
didn't stop to consider that many folks don't know that convention.

The convention, and I'm by no means suggesting that everybody follows
it, is for /usr/local to contain things the local administration
compiles, and /opt to contain things customarily distributed in binary

As I said, this isn't universally followed, and I agree that the FHS
should be more explicit on the subject.  Frankly, I agree with you in
principle that they don't both need to exist, and I think in that case
it makes sense for it to be a directory hung off the root, instead of
under /usr.  In other words, /opt a filesystem, /usr/local a link, and
be done with it.

However, at least one person is sure to respond to this angrily in favor
of the opposite.  Such is life.

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