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Re: no /etc/modules,.........huh ?

On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 11:10:59AM -0500, Courtney Thomas wrote:
| Greetings !
| I've recently added 2.4.17 to the list of kernels I'm running on a 
| single machine and find that somehow I've managed to foul up the modules 
| so that even when I create a link to /usr/src/linux and reinstall from 
| scratch, my module installation is faulty.
| For example, if I reboot say, 2.4.6, all is fine, but when I shut down 
| and reboot with 2.4.17, almost no modules appear when I "lsmod" and cat 
| /etc/modules shows nothing.

/etc/modules is a flat-list of modules you want automatically loaded
at boot time.  Create with 'modconf' or $EDITOR.

| How can I install the modules correctly ?

Use kernel-package to build a package from the kernel source.  This
package will properly put all modules in

If you want to load a module right now, use 'modprobe <name>'.



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