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Re: Linux on Walmart's systemless computers


In the age of political correctness, I have to comment ...

On Sat, Apr 13, 2002 at 11:18:16PM -0500, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> I must disagree with you drawing any parallel between Intel and
> Wal-Mart.  It's worse than comparing apples and oranges ... at least
> those are both fruit.
> Intel is an American company, selling goods designed by Americans and
> made in America.  Intel is not hurting small mom-and-pop operations
> all over the country as they sell their product.

Capitalism has no border.  Intel is registered in US but has operations
across the world.  Welcome to the Intel US FAB.  Many Engineers are born
in foreign countries and have strong accents. (I like it that way.)

> Wal-Mart sells Chinese crap which is cheaper in price and quality than
> goods produced elsewhere (like, here).  This causes the trade deficit
> to remain high.  When Wal-Mart moves into an area, smaller hardware,
> convenience, and grocery stores suffer.  This hurts the local economy
> in some cases as profits are removed from the area.

True to some extent but you are using dangerous words.  "local economy"
is crap since Intel export most of low value-added activities to the
outside-US and hires border-less for skill.  I bet their security guards
are local but many seem to understand Spanish for some reason.

> If Wal-Mart goes into an area and provides services which were
> unavailable, that's good.  If Wal-Mart goes into an area which was
> already well served and destroys local competition by selling inferior
> products ... well, I don't know if I'm willing to say that's bad, but
> it's not good.  Unfortunately, if consumers are stupid enough to buy
> the cute Paul Harvey ads and not worry about whether they are getting
> the same quality, Wal-Mart wins.

I think you should blame local people who buys staff from Wal-mart just
because it is cheap.  Wal-mart is just doing capitalism :)  Selling
staff which sells. I think most Chinese people in the Bay area shop in
Target and Blooming dale's (Niemannmarcus?) than Wal-mart and Macy's.
Does not that mean something? (Excuse me my spellings, I am one of these
d--m ESL engineers.)

> This is off-topic and should probably be taken up on debian-curiosa or
> some other list.

Agree but I just wanted to end with politically (in)correct statement.

Viva America !  Viva Capitalism !  (Not seriously)
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