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Re: Building a single user Internet terminal

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 20:25, Erik van der Meulen wrote:
> Dear Group - I would like to build on old iron (P90/64Mb) a simple
> Galeon only Internet terminal. I have prepared a Sid configuration 
> that contains the following:
> - Internet access
> - IceWM-experimental
> - Galeon
> Things seem to work well (b.t.w. any chance of adjusting the Gnome fonts
> in menus etc for Galeon under IceWM? It is very bulky now, while the
> IceWM fonts are nice and small)
> I was thinking about this:
> - Boot straight into Galeon without the need for user authentication.

Have a script that starts X for a certain user and begins galeon. Run
this as a respawn process under /etc/inittab. Make a certain runlevel be
kiosk mode (the default). Make other run levels the admin mode (normal
logins etc). 

/etc/inittab line something like

ki:2:respawn:su -c /usr/local/bin/runkiosk kioskuser

/usr/local/bin/runkiosk could basically just startx, and let kioskusers
.Xsession file do the rest.

Perhaps try running it without any WM at all. Use -geometry to make
galeon fullscreen.

> - Provide some means for a user to safely shut down the system prior
>   to power-down (preferably from the GUI)

Have the whole system use ext3. Have no shutdown at all (just switch it
off like a stereo)


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