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RFC & FR2nd - New debian3-user & debian3-user-hardware mail lists

Hey, everybody,

Life sure would be better (*1) if there were a few more mailing lists here!

But, rather than just asking the mailing list gods to create some new
(specific) ones, I'm posting this here so that y'all can provide some INPUT!

(GuhROOvy, ain't it?!)

The definitely cool new lists that every k3M1 c1b will enjoy are:


These lists will be devoted to, Debian3!  (AKA Woody.)

The "-hardware" list is for all questions that relate to Debian3 and hardware,
in any manner.  

... blah blah blah video driver ...
or audio hw, or printers, or disk drives, or tape backup units, or networking
or w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.)

The hardware list will enable people to find things more quickly on either of
the lists by having a finer grained resolution than would be provided by 
merely one (debian3-user) list.

Here's what I'd like you to do:
1) If you think the creation of these new lists would be a good or great idea,
  then please send an email reply TO THIS DEBIAN-USER LIST 
    saying so.  (Something like "I 2nd this excellent idea!")
  Please don't be shy.  
  Please send it even if there is already one, or 2, or 10 or 20
    second's already.
If we get a bunch-o' (or even a couple-o') 2nds posted here, 
  then that will be a good indication that these new proposed lists
    could be a benefit to a lot of people,
    and that information could be useful in helping the list gods decide
      that it would be a good thing to do to create these new lists.

2) If you have a suggestion for new lists that you think would be even better,
  then send that suggestion to this list, as a reply to this message.

3) If you don't like change and don't want to have any new lists created,
  or you've had a bad day, or you're in a bad mood, 
  or if you just can't resist mouthing off, even though you have nothing
     constructive to say,
  or any other such situation,
  then go do something else you enjoy rather than flame my message,
    because I'LL JUST ROUTE YOUR MESSAGE TO /dev/null !!!!!
    (HA HA HA HA HA HA!   Yes I'm shouting!!!!!)

*1 - For a substantial portion of the Debian world.

The below is optional reading:

(Read this really quickly in a funny voice:)
Noone requires us to say this, and we can't put fine print into a text message,
but this is the fine print anyway:

For those of you who like just a little more explanation & fiber
with your morning email, this note's for you:

1)  The "debian-user" list is currently horrendously high volume.
That means many bad things result, 
like, (for just one instance),
people keep re-asking questions that have been already asked,
cause there is so much irrelevant to one's current question in the list
archives that it's such a pain to search through that people get overwhelmed,
and just give up searching after a while, 
and send their question, which just makes more traffic.

By creating these new, more fine-grained lists, problems like that, and others,
may be eliminated, making a better world in the process.
(With fluffy bunnies for all!)  
(Err, that last line don't necessarily come with no guarantees.)

2)  Yes, it might be possible and beneficial to make even other lists,

But, I propose we just start with these two, see how that works out after a few
months, then maybe add others at that time. (Unlessen them list gods want to
jemp rite 'ntuh the pool & do abuncha other lists also - god save'm.)

3)  My belief: Make the lists and the askers, and answerers, will come.

4)  Tax & License are extra.  YMMV.  Offer not extended where prohibited by

Now, send your "I 2nd this FANTASTIC idea" email reply to
debian-user@lists.debian.org, NOW!

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