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Problems with devfs and sound

After a dselect update on 25th March my sound has stopped working

I use devfsd, and this is at the limit of my knowledge but...

Applications tend to access devices like /dev/dsp

in /etc/modutils/1devfsd there are a series of aliases that do

alias /dev/sound sound-slot-0
alias /dev/dsp /dev/sound

and I have added in my own file with (amongst other things)

alias sound-slot-0 emu10k1

[this is all propagated into /etc/modules.conf by update-modules]

SO in theory access to /dev/dsp should through the aliases end up accessing 
module emu10k1

BUT is doesn't - the module doesn't appear to be being loaded.

What is puzzling me is that there is a directory /dev/sound (empy because 
emu10k1 is not loaded) and (broken) symlinks from /dev/dsp etc to 

Because /dev/sound is a directory it appears that the "alias /dev/sound 
sound-slot-0" is not taking effect.

It was working a few days ago, but /etc/modutils/1devfsd has been updated 
(timestamp is 25th March) and now it doesn't.  Can someone help me understand 
what is happening here and how I can make it work again.

Alan Chandler

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