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Re: Printer Setup (hp 1100)

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 11:14, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Before spending too much time reading dated docs, is their a current Debian-specific howto/doc on setting up printing?
> I installed magicfilter, and now looking at CUPS, but not sure if they can be used together - or if they conflict.
I suggest apsfilter. I have much better experience with it:
apt-get --purge remove magicfilter
apt-get install apsfilter
lpc reread

Check if regular printing works with lpr PSFILE or a2ps ASCII-FILE.

Then in KDE (logged in as the regular user) go to
ControlCenter->System->Printing and set the print system (at bottom) to

Now, printing for that user should work even from KDE. Test it by
printing a text file from Konqueror.

This worked for me and now my printing system is set up properly the
first time. :-)

Bye, Steffen

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