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Re: still stuck and no gnome anymore

On 25 Mar 2002, Dale Hair wrote:
> happened to me.
> Do you have any packages in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial. I had a
> problem with packages that would neither install nor could I purge them,
> with apt not able to install anything.  I worked on it for the better
> part of the day to fix it but I can not remember just what worked.  I do
> remember some packages in .../partial/ that I removed. 

good morning!

ok... the subdirectory /partial/ in /var/cache/apt/archives/ is empty.

there are packages that seem to be partial, and other packages in the 
archive that are not installed... for instance, x86 seems partial because 
i can't find the program that allows you to change over to 4.  the 
installed gcc is 2.95.4 but there is a deb package for 3.0 there.

right now, i can't do anything with dselect & friends because it is 
clogged up with all the freshly deleted gnome and ximian packages trying 
to get re-installed, as well as old libwrapguile1 (which isn't in the 
debs, but is needed).

  bilbo:/home/dmallery>> apt-get install libwrapguile1
  Reading Package Lists... Done
  Building Dependency Tree... Done
  E: Couldn't find package libwrapguile1

  bilbo:/home/dmallery>> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
  /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: xserver-xfree86 is not fully installed

  bilbo:/home/dmallery>> XFree86 -configure
  bash: XFree86: command not found

so, my question is: do i also have to delete all these packages from the 
archive and then burn what little bandwidth there is in northern new 
mexico to re-load them later???  should i just shuffle them off to another 

still stuck and no gnome...


Dave Mallery, K5EN  (r/h 7.2 krud; debian woody+ximian)
PO Box 520
Ramah,  NM  87321

no gates                     .~.
  no windows...              /V\
                            /( )\
running GNU/Linux           ^^-^^  (Linux TM Linus Torvalds)
  free at last!

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