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Re: make: *** [kernel-image-deb] Error 1

On 22 Mar 2002, justin cunningham wrote:

> Hello, I am trying to compile a custom 2.4.18 kernel and keep getting
> this error:
> make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18/arch/i386/boot'
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18'
> touch stamp-build
> need root priviledges
> make: *** [kernel-image-deb] Error 1
> I don't understand-- 'stamp-build' is owned by the user justin who is
> logged in and compiling.  What am/have I done incorrectly?  Oh, and yes
> there is not a d in privileges-- that is a cut/paste of the output.
> I'm following these walkthroughs
> http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Kernel-HOWTO-5.html
> http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.en.html#MAKE-KERNEL-P
> KG

Easy fix. You need to prefix your make-pkg command with fakeroot. See the
documentation in /usr/share/doc/kernel-package, particularly the main
README and also README.modules.

The newbiedoc howto does not suggest using fakeroot, I know.  However, it
does not work for me without fakeroot. (I think my build fails at the same
points as yours without fakeroot). I keep meaning to bring this point up
with the author, but haven't got around to it. Perhaps you can.

Puzzlingly enough, this newbiedoc document says the instructions have been
tested as written. Go figure. Note the kernel-package documentation does
mention using fakeroot.


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