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Re: Kerberos

dinni bartholomew <kingdinni@yahoo.com> writes:
> I am trying to install MIT kerberos5 on potato...

*prods around*  Oh, that doesn't actually seem to be in non-US for
stable; we just have a local build in these parts.  Heimdal *does*
appear to be in there, though, and should probably work for you for
krb5 support.  Heimdal doesn't include krb4 support, so if you need
that you'll also need to install the kerberos4kth packages.

> The reason that i am trying to build it from source is
> because when i try to use apt-get to install it, it
> cries about a glibc dependancy...

Are you sure you're using an APT sources.list line for stable non-US?
You shouldn't run into those sorts of issues...

> This machine needs to be a client to a Kerberos server
> that i already have.  This kerberos server is my
> authentication server...this potato host needs to
> authenticate itself and its users to this kerberos

What do you actually want to *do* with the Kerberos server?  Just log
in?  (either need a hacked login binary or PAM Kerberos modules)  Use
krb4-only services like Zephyr?  (need krb4 libraries and Zephyr
libraries built against them)  Use krb5 services like, um, Kerberized
lpr?  (need krb5 libraries and krb5-enabled lprng)

Depending on what you're trying to do and how comfortable you feel
with things, you might do better to update your machine to the testing
or unstable version  of Debian, since these include MIT krb5 (with
krb4 support) in non-US, along with a couple of Kerberos-enabled
packages (of note, the aforementioned PAM module and Zephyr).

> Make Error
> Listed below is the actual make error:
> make: *** [all-recurse] Error 1

That's make's way of saying "something broke".  You'll need to look
back further to figure out what it actually is.  (And, if memory
serves, building krb5 sucks a lot, probably even worse than building

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