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Re: Kerberos

I am trying to install MIT kerberos5 on potato...
The reason that i am trying to build it from source is
because when i try to use apt-get to install it, it
cries about a glibc dependancy...
Big Picture...
This machine needs to be a client to a Kerberos server
that i already have.  This kerberos server is my
authentication server...this potato host needs to
authenticate itself and its users to this kerberos
Make Error
Listed below is the actual make error:

make: *** [all-recurse] Error 1

Thanks for you help 

--- David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> wrote:
> dinni bartholomew <kingdinni@yahoo.com> writes:
> > I am having some trouble building kerberos from
> the
> > source ... i keep getting 
> > *** [all-recurse] Error 1
> > errors when i try to run make...
> Which Kerberos?  There are three in Debian (KTH
> krb4, MIT krb5,
> Heimdal krb5), plus the MIT krb4 distribution, plus
> several others.
> Why are you trying to build from source?  (What's
> the real goal here?
> Just "building Kerberos from source" won't get you a
> whole lot beyond
> tickets, Kerberized rsh and telnet, kadmin, and a
> KDC.)  Which version
> of Debian?  (Testing/unstable have a couple more
> apps with Kerberos
> support built in.)  What's the actual error message
> you're getting
> (it'll be a couple of lines before the end of the
> make output)?
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