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Re: cdrw

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, jeff wrote:

> hello folks...
> i'm trying to get my cdwriter to be recognized under 
> debian...
> seems like i can mount the /cdrom no prob...
> any pointers on how to create a device for the writer? it 
> seems to detect it ok at boot but i can't mount the 
> sucker...

the test is cdparanoia -Qsv for a thorough scan.

i am stuck in the middle of the same problem right now
mine is a scsi r/w drive and the setup in /dev is
/dev/cdrom -> /dev/sr0 -> /dev/scd0.

on an adjacent r/h machine, the working setup is:
/dev/cdrom -> /dev/scd0 and cdparanoia announces that the generic device 
is /dev/sg1 which is nowhere in the chain!

cdparanoia needs the generic device apparantly.

all help/pointers appreciated!


Dave Mallery, K5EN  (r/h 7.2 krud; debian woody+ximian)
PO Box 520
Ramah,  NM  87321

no gates                     .~.
  no windows...              /V\
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  free at last!

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