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ftp behaving strangely

We have a server that has been running ftpd for quite a while now.  This
week for some reason we can only ftp to it using passive mode.  If we
try to access it without using passive mode we get this:

ftp> ls
200 PORT command successful.
425 Can't create data socket (X.X.X.X,20): Address already in use.

Address censored.

I thought the only reason you would need to run passive mode is if you are
behind a firewall, but the machines using this ftp server are on the
same network with no firewall in between.  This machine only has a few
months to live, but we really need to be able to ftp without using
passive mode.  Also I'm wondering if maybe someone hacked it since
everyone I've asked has said they made no changes to the server or our
network.  If someone can point me in the right direction, to the right
reading material, or whatever I would really appreciate it.
Jason Stechschulte
Actually, it also looks like we should optimize (13,2,42,8,'hike') into
a pp_padav copy as well.
             -- Larry Wall in <199711081945.LAA06315@wall.org>

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