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Re: tiny mouse howto - console gpm, X and mouse wheel

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 09:03:34PM -0500, timothy bauscher wrote:
> Well, i reinstalled gpm and install imwheel,
> because someone mentioned gpm might require
> imwheel??? My mouse still works, but not the

No imwheel needed!

> A snip of my XF86Config-4 file:
> Identifier  "Mouse1"
> Driver      "mouse"
> Option "Protocol"    "PS/2"

last time I checked, you needed "IMPS/2" here, and you need the following:

   ZAxisMapping    4 5

> Option "Device"      "/dev/gpmdata"
> My gpm.conf file:
> device=/dev/psaux
> responsiveness=
> repeat_type=raw
> type=PS/2

I think PS/2 is unknown to gpm, the proper name is ps2, but
to get the wheel to work I think you need imps2.

> append=""
> sample_rate=

groetjes, carel

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