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Installing Woody from CD-8

I thought I saw soemwhere that someone installed woody from the disk8 iso. 
Well, I downloaded the iso (I had lots of problems downloading woody; the 
only computer I could get any success from has limited HD space,so I had 
to get the small one). When I booted the CD, all started going well until 
it asked for a 'floppies-144' directory (or some similar named diretory) 
which is not in the CD. 

So, what am I missing? I have a 56k connection at home, so a net install 
is not really an option. D I really have to downlad CD1? I figured CD8 had 
most of what I need, and I could 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' and 
then 'apt-get install' any other packages I might need.

I looked through http://www.debian.org/ and just didn't see (or recognize 
;-) any helpful info.

Paul F. Pearson (ppearson@hiwaay.net)     http://home.hiwaay.net/~ppearson/
"Lord heal our land. Father heal our land. Hear our cry and turn our nation 
back to You" - Heal Our Land, _Magnify The Lord_ (Integrity Music)

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