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Re: Installing Debian

Alan Poulton wrote:
> Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 10:23:52 PM, Matthew Dalton wrote:
> > You could try an internet install, but I doubt you'll be able to get
> > your system connected to Telstra Cable without a working system first,
> > so it's kind of a chicken-egg problem.
> I just wanted to point out.. I'm on Telus ADSL and I have to use DHCP as
> well. In order to do a Network Install, you have to install the Drivers
> from Floppy first during the initial install, then the Debian Install
> will run the drivers for your ethernet card, and you can connect that
> way. It will also run DHCP to get an IP Address.  If this is done using
> the same Ethernet Card that was already connected to the Internet, then
> there shouldn't be a problem.

A Telstra Cable connection needs more than just a DHCP-allocated IP
address. It needs to be authenticated via the 'bpalogin' program as
well. While it may be possible to get this onto the system in the middle
of the installation, I wouldn't recommend that a Linux newbie attempt


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