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Re: Debian and PDAs.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 05:46:05AM -0500, Erin Lewy wrote:


> Okay, well the taking on of a potentially huge project has kind of clued 
> me in to the fact that I would probably benefit hugely from a 
> laptop-type aparatus. Problem is (just trust me on this one), carrying 
> around a laptop is less than optimal.  Having an additional shoulder bag 
> is at this point not really an option, and I could never, ever, ever 
> leave the thing sitting somewhere, so I'd be basically chained to it if 
> bringing it somewhere...
> So the thought occurred to me that I could get a PDA with a stow-away 
> keyoard and basically use that in laptop capacity, as a few of my 
> friends are doing.
Aehm it's a big differents between 17Mhz and 700Mhz ... also 8MB Flash and
a 20GB HD can't be compared.

> people have tons of different little gadgets you can get--which is at 
> once evil and yet cool.  So, in an ideal world, I would get a 
> Handspring.
So go out test it and buy it if you realy like it :) It's running Palm OS
so it should be fast and stable.
> Of course, in this ideal world, I'd also have to be using Windows, 
> because all of the synching and other packages I am seeing on Debian's 
> servers seem to ME to be specific for Palms.  As I am VERY new to this 
> whole idea, I thought that before assuming one or the other way I ought 
> to consult with some people who are more likely than I to know this 
> answer. I.E.: you guys.
These apps are for Palm OS wich means that you can use it with every PDA
running Palm OS inlcuding Handsprings.

> So-- does anyone here have a PDA and if so what kind and how has your 
> luck been as far as being able to synch it and whatnot?  
I own a Palm m100 and a Agenda VR3d.
IMHO the Palm OS simply rocks ;) its fast, stable and their is a lot of
freeware/shareware to get. Sync apps for Palm OS are avaible for nearly
all OS. The worst thing is that the case of the m1* series sucks. It's
sheap plastic and the cover will crack in most cases within the first week :(
The Agenda is generaly a cool thing cause it's running Linux and their is
much stuff to play around with it. BUT it's not ready to simply plug in the
akkus and use it like a Palm. So nothing for Linux newbies ...
(I'm still fighting with the software cause, if no time to poke around with it)

> I've looked at the Linux-specific PDAs but they're either too built up 
> (with lots of graphicy-related stuff) or too bare bones. So as much as 
> I'd in theory like to have an open-source PDA or whatnot, well, it's not 
> really going to happen at the moment.

> Mainly I want a highly portable bit of electronics capable of creating 
> wordprocessing documents,, possibly with the ability to check e-mail, 
> which I wouldn't have to synch by rebooting into Windows all the time.
I think their is no way around a real labtop for you if you realy want to
work with it. It's realy hard to read mailinglist on this small displays.
Such a devices is only usefull for your personal to do lists, calculator,
time planning, IP Calculator (for lazy sysops :), and a few games.

Everything IMHO :)

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