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Re: Debian and PDAs.

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 02:46, Erin Lewy wrote:

> Of course, in this ideal world, I'd also have to be using Windows, 
> because all of the synching and other packages I am seeing on Debian's 
> servers seem to ME to be specific for Palms.  As I am VERY new to this 
> whole idea, I thought that before assuming one or the other way I ought 
> to consult with some people who are more likely than I to know this 
> answer. I.E.: you guys.
> So-- does anyone here have a PDA and if so what kind and how has your 
> luck been as far as being able to synch it and whatnot?  

I've got a Handspring Prism myself, and it works beautifully.  Anything
that uses the PalmOS (Palm,Visor,Clie) will work just fine.


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