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Mutt displays my message index all wrong

Hi all,

I know this is probably not the place for this question, but there seem to be a lot of mutt users here.

I have made the plunge, ditched netscape as my MUA and have moved to
mutt.  It looks pretty nice.  Well, sort of.  The message index is
very wierd, though.  It displays the wrong info on each line, or, to
look at it another way, it opens the wrong messages.  If I go to a
message in the index which purports to be from my wife, and hit
'Enter' to open the message, then it in fact displays the message with
the sender and subject from the line above in the index, which is not
from my wife at all, but is in fact form someone telling me about a
really interesting seminar on defense acoustics (whatever that is).
Then when I return to the message index the sender and subject have
changed to the same as the line above, which then changes to the line
above it when I read it, and so on as I move backwards through my
message list.  Does anyone know why on earth it does this?

I hope that explanation is clear.

The threading display is also rather wierd, but lets deal with one
problem at a time.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

"That you're not paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you."
	- Robert Waldner

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