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Re: USB Mouse potato

    "Matthew" == Matthew Linden <linden@cyllene.uwa.edu.au> writes:

    Matthew> X fails because I cannot configure the mouse. A USB wheel
    Matthew> mouse. Unfortunately my machine has four USB ports, no
    Matthew> PS/2 or serial ports, so using a different mouse type is
    Matthew> out of the question.

    Matthew> Debian version is potato. I would like to avoid having to
    Matthew> download woody if possible.

With XFree86 3.3 (Woody, 2.4.17 custom kernel) once I got USB working
in my kernel and everything, all I needed in XF86Config was

Section "XInput"
   Subsection "Mouse"
      DeviceName "USB Mouse"
      Protocol "IMPS/2"
      Port "/dev/input/mice"

to get my USB wheel mouse (a logitech) working. I'm not sure about
what kind of USB support is available in the 2.x kernels on potato
though. See http://www.linux-usb.org for information on things you
might have to do.....


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